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英语作文去购物 第1篇

With the development of Internet technology, more and more people begin to buy goods through different kinds of media. People's attitudes to it vary.

We should evaluate it objectively. On the one hand, shopping through media saves time for people who don't have much free time. It's very convenient for these people to buy goods online. On the other hand, compared with traditional face-to-face deal, it seems not that reliable. What's more, consumers will lose the chance of bargaining.

As far as I'm concerned, although the new shopping mode brings convenience to us, we still have to prioritize the quality of goods especially to check its information. Only in this way can we get the convenience and the high-quality good at the same time.

英语作文去购物 第2篇

We talked about the advantages and disadvantages of internet shopping these days. Some students think it s very convenient for us to go shopping on the internet. The shops on Internet ,for example , are open for almost 24 hours a day, so we can buy something we want at any time if we like. What s more, we needn t to wait in a queue.

However, some students disagreed with them. We can t see the things while we are shopping. So we are not sure whether they are good or , we can t enjoy the happiness of shopping with our friends.

英语作文去购物 第3篇


This afternoon, my mother and I came to RT mart for shopping. There are so many things in RT Mart!


We first came to the daily necessities area. I chose my favorite toothpaste and toothbrush. We came to the fruits and vegetables area again. There are all kinds of fresh fruits and vegetables here. There are big and round watermelons, durian like hedgehog, and eggplant with purple and light. We bought two bags of things and went home happily!

英语作文去购物 第4篇

i’m glad that you’ve noticed our efforts directed towards environmental protection. thank you for your concern.

as too much use of plastic bags has caused serious white pollution, our government encourages us to use environmental –friendly shopping bags. these bags are made of a variety of materials that can be easily treated when they become rubbish. besides, they can be reused. more and more people have realized the advantages of such bags and started using them.

i believe that the wide use of these shopping bags can greatly improve our is one of the many steps we are to make our country an even cleaner place.

英语作文去购物 第5篇

This is a big super in the center of the city. You can easily find it. It has three floors.

There are many famous brand clothes on the first floor. The clothes there are very betiful. The first day I went shopping with my mother.

We were in a fashion store. My mother said, _Oh,_ look, that hat is betiful. _I asked,_ do you want to try it on? __ yes, _she said,_ well, what do you think? _She asked me,_ the style is great, but I don't like the color.

_Finally, we bought a blue hat and a yellow skirt.



英语作文去购物 第6篇

With our lives more and more technology-driven, shopping has also become a kind of fashion of the drawback of online shopping is that we can only picture to understand the shape of goods,can not actually see the authenticity of the goods with good or bad!

The relative physical store,we can understand the specific situation of the speaking,online shopping is relatively cheaper than in the store shopping!Each have shortcomings bar!


英语作文去购物 第7篇

With the dlopment of the Internet and the populaty of comrs, online shopping has become a common phenomenon in o life, consumers can almost buy rything they need. Shopping online has many advantages, and perhaps the most important one is its convenience. People don't have to waste a lot of ener and precious things fm one store to another to choose the goods they like.

This is especially ideal for the elderly, patients and busy people who can't go to the store, becse they have a vaety of pducts. They just sit in fnt of the comr and click the mouse, and the goods they order will be delivered to them quickly. Howr, online shopping also has its disadvantages.

The first drawback is that consumers sometimes can't see the goods or try them out in person. The real pducts may be different fm what they see on the comr. The second disadvantage is that some shops on the Internet are not registered.

After they get money fm you, they will nr deliver them to you. Once cheated, you will find that you have no place to complain.



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英语作文去购物 第8篇

Two ways to shop include shopping online and shopping in person at physical stores. Shopping online seems much more convenient, and anonymous. You can visit a website to browse items, select items of your choice, and check out, all without being face to face with or chatting with anyone at all.

Shopping in person requires somehow getting to the physical location, and walking around to locate the item you desire. I prefer shopping in person. I enjoy the experience of going outside. I also like chatting with the store clerks. They can give very useful advice about what I am interested in purchasing.


英语作文去购物 第9篇

I like shopping very much, so I went to the shopping mall with my mother yesterday. There were so many goods yesterday that I was taken aback by them. I found a hat for a graduate party at my mother's University, and soon I found a suitable one, and I went home with my favote hat.



英语作文去购物 第10篇

Nowadays with the ever rapid development and increasing popularity of the information technology , shopping on the internet has been a fashion especially among the youngsters.

Online shopping has made our daily life more convenient and comfortable. For example , shopping on the internet can save students a great deal of time on the way between home and store, so they would be able to concentrate more time and energy on their academic work. The internet has shorten the distance between manufacturers and consumers and thus we can even buy goods in other countries .On the other hand , lack of the face to face deal makes online shopping less reliable and trustworthy. What’ s more the delivery will increase the risk of items’ damage.

In my opinion, shopping on the internet is a irreversible trend. More and more people will be accustomed to it. It will be much more popular in the near future. And at the same time we should take some measures to make it perfect.

英语作文去购物 第11篇

On my shopping day, I really like shopping. I often go shopping with my fends on weekends. I had a good time last Satday morning.

I decided to go shopping in the shopping mall with my sister Sally. Then we went to the shopping center by bus. We talked about food on the bus at about 8:15.

When we got to the shopping center, we were very happy to buy a lot of delicious food, such as Chicken, sushi ice cream. I think I had a wonderful weekend. What do you think.



英语作文去购物 第12篇

On Sunday, my mother and I went shopping in the shopping center. It was a fine day. First of all, we bought some fruit, we bought some fresh vegetables.

When we wanted to buy fish, we met an old fend who was my best fend in my school days. We talked about o new school life, and then we said goodbye to each other. Finally, my mother and I took the bus home and we were very happy.



英语作文去购物 第13篇

Today is sundae and my fend went to the store to buy a skirt. Now I want to buy a skirt. We are in Huaxing clothing store and _look at that black skirt is very betiful._ my fend said, _yes, it is very betiful, but I don't like this color._.

Then the clerk gave me a pink dress. I like Pinker. I thought the dress was betiful, so I asked the clerk, _how much is it?_, _Yuan_ _I'll buy it.

Thank you._.




英语作文去购物 第14篇

Online shopping or traditional shopping, different people have different attitudes towards it. Some people think online shopping is very convenient becse it can save a lot of time and ener, especially for those who are always busy with their work. They can get information about the goods they want to buy and buy a lot of things that can't be bought locally.

Howr, I don't like online shopping at all, becse most of the goods pchased online are of poor quality. Once we are cheated, we may find it difficult to complain, so we should be careful. In my eyes, I prefer the traditional way of shopping, becse I can choose what I really need, and I can know the quality of each pduct clearly, n if there is one Pblem, I can still ask the seller to compensate for my loss.



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英语作文去购物 第15篇

My dream I have a dream is to be a teacher. I think it is a very gloous thing to be a teacher. I like to teach people how to wte.

I can teach my students to do something useful. I am a good fend of them. I can feel such a sense of achiment.

I will also be very happy. So I want to be a teacher. My good fend is mescheyi She is my clasate.

Mei is tall and thin. She has big eyes and long hair. She likes listening to music and reading books.

Sometimes we listen to music together. She likes summer becse she can swim in summer vacation. She likes pink and white.

She is in class 4, grade 6. She usually goes to school by motorcycle. Sometimes she goes to school.

We often go shopping together on weekends. We will become good fends forr The holiday is coming. We can play for many days.

My family is going to Hainan, which is a good seaside city. We are going to stay there for a week. We are going to the beach and swimming in the sea.

We are going to the ends of the earth, Wanquan River and many other betiful places. I think we will have a good time there.



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